Wednesday, August 27, 2008


yes, i feel so lucky :D

i'm not afraid, ashamed, or even embarassed to admit it. :D
eventhough that we do have a little obstacle, but i'm happy i'll struggle it with you. ahey ahey! let's make the best of it.

Baby, hold my hand
Count to ten
Break the chain
I’m gonna take you inside my space

Baby, don’t be afraid
Maybe it’s our fate
Just wait and see
I’m goin’ to shout about it

It is you and me against the world
Don’t waste our time for tomorrow
With you by my side
I can do anything
You and me against the world
Goodbye to all of our sorrow

So let’s just put them aside
Put all the worries behind us

Mocca - You and Me Against The World


enatnetnot said...

;wya dumf ygr apbh rpfrrjre
okpcrtpy :D

babypianist said...

hip hip huray! congrats sabila :)

robobrobo said...

renal : sjrusjru! o fp ypp! :D

piks : heuhaeuuaeh. terimakaaasiiih. :D

Anonymous said...

e: lets find the song toseehow iloveyou
r: aheyahey! I do too!

nice try, but try harder. regards.

jellypilotot said...

udah sotoy salah..
kalo gua sih cukur bulu idung deh.

regards :D

enad lo..kalo anonymous mah cupu

Benazio R.P said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Benazio R.P said...

for up there ^

no it's not, it's : 'lets sing the song to see how i love you :D' ya kan nad ahehe

huehehee baru komeng gue ahahaha ..
cie laki ni ye ahehe

cie cie♥♥♥

robobrobo said...

lucky kali ben, laki emg lelaki? ehuaheuea.

Benazio R.P said...

game over

Bey said...

"lets find the song toseehow iloveyou"? NGASAL ABISSSS SIAPA TUH ANONYMOUS?! HAHAHAHAHA malu abiiiiiiiiiis

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